WELCOME to the Baby Steps of Breathography. Each video will take you through each component of the Breathography Breath Cycle, which serves as the foundation for each of your HYPOXiX workouts. Learn Breathography one step at a time and integrate it into your beginner workouts, included in this BREATHOGRAPHY BABY STEPS SERIES.

  • ZipUp Activation

    The ZipUp Activation is your preparation for many of the exercises in the CORE and TOTAL BODY CORRECTIVE STRENGTH classes. This serves as a postural and deep core set up, so that you are reinforcing and optimizing good function of your breath and your body during exercise.

  • Engaged Inhale

    The ENGAGED INHALE is STEP #2 of the Breathography Technique. In this step, you Inhale 2 Staccato sniffs of air through your nostrils with the ACTIVATIONS held from the ZipUp Activation.

  • Engaged Exhale

    The ENGAGED EXHALE is the 8 Second Exhalation with FOUR Breath Stages:

    1. Blow, 2 seconds
    2. Hiss, 2 seconds
    3. Soft Shh, 2 seconds
    4. Loud Shh, 2 seconds

    This happens on a Breath Crescendo and is the KEY to you getting a FULL exhale and strengthening your core!

  • Putting It Together Mini Workout 1

    In this video, you can practice putting together the Three Main pillars of Breathography 1. ZipUpActivation 2. Engaged Inhale 3. Engaged Exhale
    Go through this workout before continuing on with your Breathography Education!

  • Breath Retentions

    BREATH RETENTIONS are used in the HYPOXiX workouts for a variety of benefits.

    1. THE CORE: at the END of your ENGAGED EXHALE, you have a high level of deep core recruitment that trains the deep core isometrically. Want an incredible AB BURN? Add a Breath Retention of varying lengths in your cor...

  • Belly Pulses


    Belly Pulses are an integral part of the intermediate and advanced levels of the HYPOXiX workouts and an essential pillar to the Breathography Technique!

    I first began incorporating Belly Pulses into clients workouts years ago when I was employing various strategies to more e...

  • End Breath


    It's the breath that sometimes is prescribed at the conclusion of a Breathography Breath Cycles. Why? LUNG CAPACITY, MIDTHORACIC MOBILITY, and the ability to control your breath at the conclusion of a breath cycle, avoiding compensatory hyperventilation!

    We can use your breath to mo...

  • Nasal Breath

    NASAL BREATHING is a winner in its utilization in exercise...and in LIFE!

    Nasal Breathing is beneficial for a variety of benefits, including INCREASED CO2 Tolerance, generation of Nitric Oxide in the system, blood flow to brain and muscles, air cleansing and humidifier, anti-viral effect, and mu...

  • Putting It All Together Mini Workout 2

    Let's put it all together!
    Here is a MINI-workout that combines all of the BABY STEPS that make up the BREATHOGRAPHY TECHNIQUE.

    Just a note: in some of the more recent workouts, you will employ two progressions to the ENGAGED EXHALE that I will update with a video to the BABY STEPS in the Fall o...